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After hour emergency service available.

Welcome to the Animal Medical Hospital. We have been providing quality veterinary care at 204 East Tenth Street since December 1, 1985. We offer a variety of healthcare for your companion pets including Veterinary Wellness Care, Surgical Care, Radiology and Laboratory Services, Grooming and Boarding.

Our Doctors are also available for after hour emergency care 24 hours. By calling the office number, information will be given for emergency service.

  Ah!  Spring is in the air!  What a great time of year for pets and pet owners as we re-discover the great outdoors!  But, as beautiful as Spring is, it can also bring some issues that we, as responsible pet owners, should be aware of.
Many pet owners like to open the windows to let the fresh spring air in.  Before you open the windows, be sure the screens are secure to prevent pets, especially cats, from falling through the window.  Also, keep in mind that cats love to lay in open windows, and that makes them a target for fleas during the warm weather!
While most dogs love to feel the wind on their faces, allowing them to ride in beds of trucks or stick their heads out of a moving car window can be dangerous.  Flying debris and insects can cause inner ear or eye injuries, and sudden stops or turns can cause injury.  Pets riding in vehicles should always be secured for their own safety!
As we start in with our spring house projects, make sure to keep products like paint, mineral spirits, and solvents out of reach for your pets.  Carefully read all labels to see if these products are safe to use around your pets.  Also, be cautious of nails, staples, insulation and power tools around your pets.  It may be wise to confine your pets to a designated, pet-friendly room during home improvement projects.
Fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides keep our lawns and plants healthy and green, but they may be dangerous if your pet ingests them.  Always store these products out of the way of pets.   Be sure if you are having your lawn professionally treated, to notify the company of the pets and find out what their recommendations are for your pets.
Like us, pets can have springtime allergies.  Foods, dust, plants and pollens can cause allergic reactions in dogs and cats.  The most prominant sympton is scratching, but minor sniffling and sneezing may also be seen with pollen allergies.  If you suspect your pet has a springtime allergy, contact the office for some recommendations from our staff.
Spring brings the return of fleas, ticks and mosquitos!  Make sure your pet is on heartworm preventative, as well as a flea and tick control product.  Prevention of these parasites is much easier and cheaper than treating them, so call the office and find out what product will be best for your pets!  We have oral products as well as topical products, and some of these products combine heartworm and flea prevention in one easy, monthly dose.  Just call us and we can give you pricing, as well as money saving coupon offers on most of these products!
Warm weather means our pets are outside with us more often.  Make sure your pet is well identified in case they should become seperated from you!  Microchips are a permanent way of identifying your pet, but be sure to keep your contact information current.  If your pet does not have a microchip, make sure they have an ID tag with current contact information, so if someone should find your pet they can get them home to you!
Warmer temperatures mean time to lose the winter coat!  Call the office and schedule a Spring "spa day" with Donna to help your pets enjoy the warmer temperatures.  Donna has over 30 years of grooming experience, and she can make your pet beautiful for the spring and summer season!
Enjoy the beauty of Spring, and keep your pets safe so they can enjoy it too!